Germinating seeds

Okay, we’ve been going through a bit of “cold” spell down here.  It has gotten down to the 40s at night a couple nights this week.  So I have decided to start germinating my lavender seed in my peat pellets.  I have tried using some other techniques to germinate my seeds with mixed results.  I used some old plastic containers that had plants in them from the home improvement store, but they did not have very good germination rates.  I also tried using my old egg cartons, which worked okay until something knocked them over.  So I have decided to try using these peat pellets (off Amazon).  The reviews said they should work well.


If you look at the lavender, they are quite tiny.  And the research I have done on these stated that the seed could easily blow away, so I figure why not try germinating them with the peat pellets?

IMG_5151 IMG_5152

So, I laid out the peat pellets in my spankin new tray, trying to guess how many I will need to go around my Jamacian dogwood that is out front.


I also decided to try some of the seed I received free with my seed order as a comparison.


So after placing the seeds into the pellets (I put about 3 lavender per pellet), I very carefully added water to the tray.  I then realized that they were not absorbing water too fast.

IMG_5157 IMG_5158

I didn’t want to fish out my precious seeds so I just let them sit to see if they would absorb the water.  As a comparison I removed the Blue Lupine seed (on the left) and soak those pellets in a cup for a few minutes.


After about 5 mins, they both had increased in size.  But the ones I placed in the cup looked much better.


So, using my son’s medicine dropper I placed (very gently) some water on top of the lavender seeds.  This is a side by side comparison.


So, the moral of this story is to soak the peat pellets before you place the seeds in them!

I will update you once they start to germinate.

UPDATE:  Out of the 14 peat pots that I started, only TWO germinated.  I don’t know if it was my fault or not, because the Blue Lupine had no problems at all getting going on the peat pellets.    Of those two seeds only one has survived transplant.

my lone lavender
  my lone lavender


I have used the peat pots with my tomatoes with rousing success.  They had no problem germinating in those pellets.

IMG_5229 IMG_5227

Overall, I will continue to use them, but I don’t think that I will be starting lavender from see again.

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