My First Harvest


A few days ago I collected my first edibles from my garden.  As you can see, its not much.  But at this stage, I am planting a little bit of everything  to see what “sticks.”  I planted my peas in late December, not knowing that these rarely do well in the south Florida heat.  But we have had some pretty cool weather the last two months which became a big advantage to these little guys.

IMG_5174                       IMG_5183

Don’t they look delish?  I also decided to cut some of my kale.  This was another vegetable that does better in cool temperatures, getting even better with frost (which we DO NOT have).  So I did a little research and found that I can start harvesting my kale when the are the size of my palm.

looks about the right size?

I thought that this was close enough and took some.  I haven’t tried these, I am going to mainly be using the kale for my green smoothies, but from the picture above its not a lot.  I think that I am going to wait a little longer to get some more.  Finally, I decided to check out my carrots, because they are getting really green and big.  I wanted to see how much the root has grown.  So I decided to take a sample.

my itty bitty carrot
showing the size of the carrot compared to my peas
showing the size of the carrot compared to my peas

Although not ready for harvesting, it did taste mighty good.  The weather has begun to warm up (it was above 80 degrees today) so I think my peas are pretty limited at this point.  I only planted 6 plants this year, which amount to less than a bowl of peas.  So, I think that next year I am going to plant several rows so that I can flash freeze and save them for my chicken teriyaki.

20160309_173828 (1)

I still have lettuce, spinach, swiss chard (I have no idea what to use it for), tomatoes, arugula, more kale, more carrots, and watermelon on the horizon.  I am excited for what is in store for my first year garden!

3 thoughts on “My First Harvest

  1. You can do just about the same things with swiss chard as with spinach, mustard greens, and collard greens. In fact there are some tasty ethnic dishes that mix combinations of all those. Super Tasty!! I’ve got some recipes I can share 😀

  2. Everything looks so yummy! Kind of jealous because you are getting to grow things and reap the rewards in March! Benefits of living where you do! Pictures are gorgeous too!

    1. The problem is that it will get to hot and my season will be ending soon. While summer is the best time to grow in WA, it is the worst time to grow in Florida (bugs and heat, mostly)

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