Homemade lotion

I just made my most recent batch of homemade body lotion today.  I have taken the recipe from one of my favorite blogs: The Prairie Homestead.  So click here to see the original recipe, but I have modified it a little for my warm climate.

For the recipe I included: shea butter, coconut oil almost oil and beeswax.  I typically use virgin coconut oil, but I am trying to use up this other stuff and I figured it would be okay to put on my skin.


So I measured out the ingredient  and put into a pot.  1/2 cup of Shea Butter,  1/4 cup of almond oil, 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 3 T of beeswax.  The beeswax is an important addition to the original recipe, because t will help keep the lotion in a solid form even at higher temps.  (Remember, coconut oil is liquid at room temp so we need something for it to bind with)

The  pot below  is mainly for making beeswax candles, but I like that it doesn’t get cross contaminated.

IMG_5232 IMG_5231

So, then I set up a double boiler-like situation and slowly melt the components.  (I let the water boil this time, but you really shouldn’t).  This allows them to combine into a nice mixture.

my set up
my set up
Almost there!
All melted!
All melted!

This only takes a few minutes to do, but make sure to keep an eye on it so as not to burn the ingredients.  Once cooled, transfer to another bowl where you will mix/whip up the ingredients.


I then, but this in the fridge to cool.  I typically look at the mixture every 15 minutes to see if it has set. (this is the hardest part for me)  I end up pulling it out and try to whip it up.  But if it hasn’t gotten hard enough it will easily re-liquefy.

After 15 min

I added some Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and tried to mix it up to a lotion and didn’t get any results, so I put in back in the fridge for 15 more minutes.  Tied again.


Not quite there.  So I put it in again for 10 more minutes.


Seems much better, right?  So continued to whip this until I felt it was mixed together well.  I then transferred to a container.


As an added step I put it back in the fridge for 30 more minutes and then removed it and put it in the bathroom.  I use it right after showers and it keep my skin soft and shiny.

This typically fills a half pint canning jar.  I have also used this for gift for my kids teachers and it was a big hit.  I highly recommend trying to make your own lotion!

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