It has been a while and I have been very busy with life.  I also just turned 42.  I have found that since turning 40 I don’t want to celebrate my birthday as much, but want to reflect on where my life is and where I want to go.  So I thought that I would put down some goals for the next year and revist them on my 43 birthday.  So here goes:


  1. Expand my gardening.  Yes, that seems simple enough, but I am basically learning from scratch.  My seasons are completely opposite everyone else in the United States, so I am finishing my growing season currently (may-june), where some of you are just beginning.  I would love to get better yields and grow more things (thinking peppers and cauliflower..essentially more cold weather items)
  2. IMG_5827. Maybe starting a side business.  I have been pondering selling microgreens at the local farmers market.  I need to order the seeds and see if I can grow it, but it may be a viable way to support my homesteading habit.  I am also playing with the idea of selling my eggs to friends and family, but I see potential liability so I must tread wisely.
  3. IMG_5824Pay off debt. I know this is a big one and maybe it should be number one, but believe me if I spend anymore time thinking about how much debt we have I will go insane.  Family issues happen and I am going to determinedly try to get us out of the vicious credit card circle.

I think that this is a good start.  But what about you, what are your goals?


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